Tips for driving in Georgia

Planning a trip to Georgia? Here are some tips and useful about driving requirements and road conditions in Georgia.

Every country has its specific driving habits and rules, and Georgia is no exception. Many tourists say that driving around Georgia is adventurous because there are lots of interesting places to see. Traveling by car allows you to discover something new and unique. 

So, arrive in Tbilisi, rent a car Alamo Rent A Car and start your adventurous vacation. Here are some useful information about road trips in Georgia. 

Driving in Georgia with foreign license

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, a foreign driver’s license is valid for one year after the entry to Georgia. Always keep with you your driver's license, passport or your ID. 

Driving in Georgia

Driving in Georgia presents few challenges, as some local drivers drive fast and careless. Georgians like speed and sometimes do not follow rules. So, always be careful and cautious on the roads. 


Car insurance in Georgia is required by law. If you book with Alamo, you can rest free, as all our vehicles come with basic insurance.

Road condition in Georgia

The road condition is good in most parts of the country. Though several roads still need full construction or resurface. Main highways and roads are equipped with signs (in English as well), speed radars and lights. The official speed limit on Georgian highways is 110 km/h

A seat belt is a life belt

Seatbelts are a must in Georgia, though you can see many drivers, who do not use belts if the police are not  around. Drivers are responsible for fines, even those that apply to front passengers not wearing their seatbelt.

No phones while driving

Using a mobile phone while driving is stringently forbidden. If you want to use your phone, you can stop in a safe place, then continue your driving. However, headphones  are not prohibited. 

No alcohol

Georgia is famous for its hospitality and during your trip many locals will offer homemade wine or chacha. However, if stopped by the police, you will be asked to take a Breathalyzer test. There are punishments for those who drive under the influence of alcohol.

For more info, also check out our FAQ section.

Enjoy the roads in Georgia with Alamo Rent A Car.

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Tips for driving in Georgia