Adventure holidays in Georgia

With its amazing attractions and rich culture to explore, Georgia also offers many adventures and fun activities for your next trip to Georgia.

Though Georgia is a small country, it has many amazing and adventurous destinations to explore. Some people prefer passive holidays, where they can watch the blue sea, listen to the sound of the waves, enjoy a glass of wine, etc. But some people like traveling, hiking and prefer to visit new places, especially adventurous. Georgia is famous not only for its gastronomic or passive holidays but also for extreme travel adventures. When you arrive in Tbilisi, you can pick up a rental car with Alamo and head out to explore the country driving by yourself.

What do you want to see/do the most? If you love active holidays and looking for an adventure tour to Georgia, you have found the right place to enjoy one of the most interesting holidays ever. If you are you interested in rafting, paragliding, parasailing, skiing, climbing? Here are the best outdoor adventures in Georgia: 


Rafting is becoming very popular adventure in Georgia. There are several levels of rafting for beginners, intermediates, advanced and, of course, for professionals. Mtiuleti's Aragvi, Pshavi's Aragvi and Mtkvari are waiting for you. Rafting season starts at the end of April and lasts until the mid of October. The highest water in rivers will be in May and June, so be careful, it is the most challenging time to book.  July, August, and September are suggested for beginners.  


Paragliding wings are large enough to hold two people - an instructor, and a passenger. There are several levels for paragliding in Georgia, like Sighnaghi, Gudauri, Svaneti, etc. The highest take-off starts from 2500m, and the lowest is only 500m. Just pick you location and enjoy the freedom and breathtaking panoramic sceneries of Georgia.


Parasailing is popular in Batumi during the summer season. A person is towed behind a speedboat which is attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail wing. So, you are flying over the sea sitting in your "chair".


This is a winter activity. Many places in Georgia theoretically can be skiable, but the country has main 4 ski resorts: Gudauri, Mestia, Goderdzi, and Bakuriani.  Gudauri is an international resort for everyone. As free-riders say Mestia is a far-away paradise for skiing. Goderdzi is popular among intermediate freeriders and Bakuriani is a family-type resort. Georgia has also 2 backcountries, like Bakhmaro and Racha. 


Another adventure is diving in the Black sea or Martvili Canyon. It is a great opportunity to discover underwater life in Georgia. 


Caving is for those who like to discover ancient histories and see how people have lived in caves for centuries. Georgia has 3 big cave complexes: Uplistsikhe, David Gareja, and Vardzia, also two other popular, but very difficult caves in Sataplia and Dmanisi. They are all located in different parts of Georgia, giving you a chance to fully enjoy the country. 

There are more extreme tours in Georgia, which include jeep-tours, riding, trekking, even biking. If you want to have some exciting feelings, remember that adventure places in Georgia are waiting for you.  Make your holiday something unbelievable planning it with Alamo Rent A Car.

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Adventure holidays in Georgia